Thinking Out Loud: When Heaven Seems Quiet

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We all have expectations about God’s role in our lives- even atheists. New York Daily News today flashed the headlines, “God Isn’t Fixing This” referring to the shooting tragedy in San Bernardino, California. More lives senselessly lost and families thrust into indescribable grief. We listen to the sordid details of the shootings, with experts hypnotizing about a possible motive and whether or not it is domestic terrorism. I woke up yesterday morning with strong motivation and hope. I was going to get my “To Do” List completed and then have some time to work on my landscaping project. It had rained for almost four days without stopping and I was ready to get outside. Shortly at 11:00 am I heard that there was an active shooting situation in the city where I lived for over a decade. As this story unfolded, I was whispering to myself, “Where is God in all this chaos?”

Well, He is right in the midst of the storm. Incidents like this cause us to doubt God’s goodness and question the purpose of this human existence. To life’s imponderables we may not get to know why but we can get to know Him (see Jer 9:24; John 17:3). God is listening and He is speaking and it is our duty to listen and keep the faith. Events such as the San Bernardino massacre defy explanation; and we will wake up to more sorrow sprinkled with joy. Tragedy is not God’s Plan and it seems impossible to accept God when anger and grief cloud our thinking. We can either draw close to the heart of God in the midst of our disappointment, or we can distance ourselves from God. The choice is ours. It’s not that God isn’t listening as much as We aren’t following!

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