Update about Puerto Rico Deployment and Ongoing Response to Hurricane Irma in Florida

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Update from the President of GR3 International

Update about Puerto Rico Deployment, and ongoing response to Hurricane Irma in Florida:
GR3 International is responding to the tremendous needs in Puerto Rico. The Bela Vista Hospital has invited GR3 to assist in the recovery efforts in the wake of the devastating storms which swept through the island recently.

Medical teams and first responders are being deployed this week and will successive teams will deploy in the weeks to come. GR3 has arranged for generators, medical supplies and equipment to be sent to the island. Since sea cargo is at a standstill, airfreight has to be utilized to transport these items.

GR3 Volunteer loads fuel and two 80,000 kw generators bound for Puerto Rico on to a flatbed trailer for transport to our partners who are providing air cargo transport to the island.

GR3 has a dedicated, highly competent team, including medical specialists, firefighters, and first responders who will be working with the Bela Vista Hospital to provide relief medical treatment, assess infrastructure conditions and provide teams who can deploy to satellite locations to help affected communities who cannot get to the hospital.

GR3 has been busy assisting local communities in Orlando and the west coast of Florida after the recent Hurricanes left Florida. Clean up crews, brush and tree removal, and feeding displaced individuals kept GR3 teams very busy.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. Further updates will be provided when available. Please consider donating to assist with this important and vital response at: gr3international.org/give

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