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Some an army of horsemen,
some an army on foot
and some say a fleet of ships is the loveliest sight
on this dark earth;
but I say it is what-ever you desire.—Sappho

One of the most famous residents of the island of Lesbos, Sappho, wrote about a fleet of ships visiting this quiet island centuries ago. The stark reality is that in recent months this small island in the Mediterranean Sea has been visited by fleets of boats with desperate refugees escaping the horror of civil war and persecution in other countries. Every story is heart wrenching! Four babies recently drowned!

A boy of fourteen came into the Treatment Center where our European Director Markus Alt, was assisting. This Iranian boy escaped with his family after he was shot in the jaw. The bullet entered one side of his mouth and exited the other side. His mouth was wired shut and he was suffering from sores in his mouth and in extreme discomfort. One of our goals at GR3 is to assist those in need to the extent that we can. His family was asked what happened and they simply stated in broken English, “No Peace”. Indeed, if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. This sentiment penned by Mother Teresa exemplifies the declaration in Matthew 25:40 where Jesus asserted that everyone must have a strong moral compass to help and assist each other. I realize that my worst day is probably better than thousands of my fellow humans somewhere on this earth. We cannot solve all the problems and fix everything, but we can make a start right in our immediate space, one centimeter at a time. The refugees keep arriving cold, wet, hungry, sick, scared but with hope that what they are coming to will be better than what they have just left. Our workers have provided them with clothing, food, medical attention and psychological first aid. As Sappho penned, “It is whatever you desire” whether you will become engaged in the humanitarian space of disaster assistance.


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