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From Erick Baltodano, a Paramedic and Firefighhter from City of Naples, FL:

“Sorry, have not had reception for the last 48 hrs. We went to the town of Maricao yesterday with the Medical Cadet Corps with about 4 doctors, 3 residents, 1 medical student, several nurses, and volunteers. We also had the director of ADRA of Mayaguez (a lady of about 84 years of age) that has a heart of gold. When she heard our appeal Sabbath morning about the need of food, she jumped right into action and made us one hundred and fifty breakfast meals and two hundred Lunch meals. In the middle of the town, we set up a base camp so people could come down but we also went door to door.

We saw all kinds of patients. We had a diabetic patient with a wound to her right foot. A bedridden lady of 92 years old with a class 2 bed sore that needed transport to wound care for treatment, a possible right sides hip fracture( she had lateral rotation), a 94 year old lady that was ok, had no complaints and takes no medications. ( I have a photo with her and Dr Fox). 

Today we are off to the town of Moca. There is a nursing home there that we are going to visit to assess needs. Then we are headed to the town of Aguadilla.

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