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GR3 International sent a training team to Cebu, Philippines, in May, 2016, for a training workshop designed to educate and equip local leaders with emergency preparedness and disaster response skills. Over 120 individuals participated in the three-day training, which included classes such as Incident Command Structure, Psychological First Aid, Swift Water Rescue, and Safety and Security.13304950_1366984533315328_813276162189913600_o

The audience was enthusiastic and engaged in the entire training. We were honored to have world-renowned psychologist Dr. Rebecca Thomley and her team of eight well-qualified professionals lead out in Psychological First Aid.

The GR3 International team included David Canther, Steve Littell, Billy Fryar and Dr. Malcolm Seheult.

The director of GR3 in the Philippines, Cesar Conde III, was instrumental in organizing and coordinating the many details to make this training a huge success.

GR3 International empowers a local infrastructure of trained people and resources ready to engage the challenges of restoration after a disaster, and more fundamentally, to advance strategies for future resilience as well. Since areas of the Philippines are still recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Yolanda, this training was important to continue to support and equip local responders to effectively cope with the continuing needs of this area.

Geographically, GR3 covers a broad range of crisis response zones currently including locations such as the United States, Philippines, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Southeast Asia (India) and Africa. In its brief history as an NGO, GR3 has already responded to more than 105 catastrophes across more than four continents, served more than 5 million meals, and trained a reserve of over 350,000 volunteers worldwide. Many of these, in turn, are training other locals in life-sustaining skills in order to meet long and short-term needs.

We are very thankful for the support of our sponsors and partners, particularly Airlink, who has graciously provided travel arrangements for the GR3 team. Airlink has been a leader in the humanitarian space providing thousands of dollars of travel services to first responders in a number of global events. Their valuable relationship with airlines have provided NGOs with opportunities to serve needy communities.

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