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Our friends from have send this video to us and GR3 have join them in the prayer, see the video, pray with us and share.


Homes turned to dust, temples reduced to piles of rubble – the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in decades has left 8,000 dead and thousands more injured. After severe aftershocks and a second quake, Nepal desperately attempts to rise from the ashes.

Over 8 million have been affected. Many have lost homes, loved ones, and livelihoods and now face the monsoon season without adequate food, water, or shelter.

A nation already devastated by immense poverty stands in dire need of an act of God.

Jesus, “a man of sorrows,” stands in stark contrast to the Hindu gods that 75% of Nepalis worship. His nail-scarred hands are wide open, ready to comfort, heal, and restore. May this disaster shake open new doors for the Gospel and crumble all walls that have been built to keep Jesus out.

Together let’s watch and pray,

The Prayercast Team

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