Notes from the Field – July 27, 2018

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Notes from the Field
Dr. Eric Fox
Cartagena, Colombia

© GR3 International/Eric Fox 2018

The first things I notice about Cartagena, after the oppressive humidity, is the cosmopolitan nature of the city. Arriving at the airport you notice a cacophony of language reminiscent of the tower of babel. I identified Spanish, English, French, German, Korean snd Portuguese although I am sure there were many others. The city itself is busy but charming retaining much of the Spanish colonial architecture and atmosphere. The “conga bus” is a must see. It travels at night for three hours around the city with a live conga band on the bus. The end of the tour was to a disco, not normally my “thing” but it was fun. What was most notable to me was the multitude of cultures, languages, colors and backgrounds all celebrating and having fun together. And everyone, despite the alcohol, was well-mannered and behaved with the notable exception of a blond American woman who did not know her limits and must be a fan of Graham Greene.

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