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This training, course content, and classroom discussions contain educational material designed to promote academic freedom and intellectual debate by students, faculty, and guests. No positions taken necessarily reflect the views of GR3 International. No further dissemination is authorized.

Every effort will be made to protect the legitimate interests of copyright holders and to meet both their requirements for control/accountability of access and the needs of GR3 International to ensure that assigned materials are in fact readily accessible to students when they are needed. Accordingly, the primary connection to all materials provided is considered reliable. Materials and images used in this training are either in the public domain, covered by GR3 International licenses or covered by rules governing parody and fair use.

Presentations by guest speakers, seminar leaders, students and panelists, including renowned public officials and scholars, constitute an important part of the curricula. So that these guests, as well as faculty and other officials, may speak candidly, we must offer assurances that their presentations will be held in strict confidence. These assurances derive from a policy of non-attribution that is morally binding on all who attend. Without the express permission of the speaker, nothing he or she says will be attributed to that speaker directly or indirectly in the presence of anyone who was not authorized to attend the training.