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At about 11:41 am local time, on April 25, 2015, 10 year old Raju was playing with a stick when the earth started to move. He felt a deep rumbling and a seismic quake of 7.9 occurred. There were aftershocks and the death toll is over 8500 persons. Raju ran into his shelter to be with his parents but his family had to flee as the rickety structure crumbled. Like thousands of others Raju and his family have been sleeping outside and are using large sheets of plastic as a covering from the elements. Within 36 hours of the earthquake, GR3 Inc. had assembled a first responder team, which included a number of medical doctors from Harvard Humanitarian Innitiative  (HHI) affiliated B.I.D.M.C Disaster Fellowship physicians and nurses.

They flew to Kathmandu to assist Scheer Memorial Hospital and the CEO, Dr. Dale Mole. The team included seasoned responders such as Dean Tidwell, Dr.Everhart, Roland Lussier, Michael Loesch and many highly qualified medical doctors and support medical personnel..

This team took with them medical supplies worth thousands of dollars. The need for assistance with housing and restoration is critical. Thousands of people, afraid to be indoors for fear of aftershocks, have been living outside. Shortly after their arrival, one of the medical teams travelled to a remote location and found a van that had been crushed by rocks and landslides. They heard sounds coming from the van and found a young boy, about ten years old, who was still alive but his hand was trapped in the metal debris. All other occupants of the van were deceased. They were able to extricate the boy from the van and rushed him to the hospital. Miraculously, they medical team was able to save the boy’s life but he lost his hand from the accident. There are so many heart breaking stories of tragedy and need but the one common element the rescue teams have noted is the resilience and positive attitude of the people. They have lost everything. They are now living in the open space with rubble all around them; the monsoon season is fast approaching but they have a hope that it is going to be all right. In fact, many Nepali people asked the team members for Bibles. Some of these people lost everything and the most important thing to them right now is to have a Bible.  The catastrophe that has been visited on this small and fragile country and its people is indescrible. This country, already on its knees has been hit again and international assistance is critical. The human trafficking statistics show that thousands of women and girls are working in Kathmandu’s adult entertainment sector. Over half of these workers are under 18 and these unfortunate girls are stuck in a cycle of despair and violence. We have deployed teams of psycho/social specialists to assist with the situation in Nepal and it only through your generous donations that we can continue to provide these much needed support services.

Please continue to pray for the people of Nepal and the relief workers who are assisting them to rebuild their lives. Please continue to financially support this relief effort. Your prayers and support for the Christian church to plant churches and reach the unsaved of Nepal with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a fundamental priority  God continues to rock the land that worships Buddha in an attempt to wake them up to the truth of His Word

Your donations will allow families and orphans to live in shelters as the rainy season starts.


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