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I ran into Lowes to pick up some bags of mulch to complete my much needed small landscaping project. As I was about to lift the third bag into the cart, I noticed an elderly lady sitting on one of the patio benches looking troubled and bewildered. I went over to her and asked her if everything was alright. As she looked at me I sensed fatigue and discouragement in her face. “Young man, everything is always alright if you want it to be. I came here to get something and I cannot remember what it was. I have children and I love them and their children but I don’t think they love me. They just don’t have time for me”.

Wow, that was heavy and how do I respond? “Well, I have a few minutes. Let me help you and I am pretty sure your family loves you very much”. After some discussion, this lady remembered that she came to get a bag of potting soil for her indoor plants. I assisted her in finding it and putting it in her cart. I felt I was in no position to offer her any advice so I reminded her that she is loved by her family and that every night the sun has a sinking spell but it comes back up every morning. We parted ways and I was thankful that I had an opportunity to be of assistance to someone. I suppose we need to look for ways not to affect people’s lives but rather, to infect their soul with hope, goodness and lots of happy.

Let’s find ways to be thank filled, not just thankful! So let’s walk the talk and seek opportunities to enhance, increase, improve, and enlarge the lives of others.

“The Son of God became a man to enable men to become the sons of God.” – C.S. Lewis

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