About Us

About Us

Emergency Management

Being prepared and ready is better than disaster

GR3’s emergency management initiatives provide assistance to disaster survivors and communities by being proactive and prescriptive, rather than reactive. GR3 is committed to empowering communities and organizations to be sustainable and resilient through training and response. To accomplish this goal, GR3 is committed to supporting and empowering communities and organizations, globally, in challenging environments to cope and be sustainable by providing safety and security training and education which will result in resilient stakeholders, regardless of race or religion.

As a nonprofit humanitarian, disaster relief services organization. it specializes in providing assistance in disasters globally to empower others in “Growing Through the Serving.” It uniquely provides the ability to add a balance of adult “First Response Teams” and local community volunteers as a way to unite communities in help, hope and healing. GR3 equips and deploys human resources and rapid emergency response assets in emergency and community services, regardless of race or religion.”

It values people, respecting those it serves, its’ partners, and those it collaborates with, and its’ sponsors at all times by striving to act in ways that respect dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person. It has deployed and been contracted by FEMA on numerous occasions within the USA to provide disaster and humanitarian assistance to affected communities.

Disasters change things. It is part of our corporate DNA to assist and prepare individuals and organizations in the global community to be prepared by being proactive, not reactive. Normalcy bias is more than believing that the storm will subside before the trees fall down. Normalcy bias is not understanding that disasters change things. By being proactive and prepared communities can reduce the uncertainty of disasters by being able to better cope and have improved outcomes in their mitigation strategy.