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by Dr. Malcolm Seheult, President

Year End Remarks

As 2015 closes, GR3 and ACTS911 (formerly ACTS World Relief) want to thank our sponsors, donors, volunteers, and supporters for the incredible support we have experienced this year. A slew of exciting things are happening, and we want to share the news with you. We would not be able to carry out our mission without the generous contributions from our donors. Thank you!

GR3’s Deployment to Nepal

Shortly before noon on April 25, 2015 an earthquake with a magnitudCaptura de pantalla 2015-12-03 a las 10.25.19e of 7.8 struck Nepal. There were numerous aftershocks which resulted in about 9,000 fatalities and
roughly 25,000 people injured. Within hours of the initial quake, GR3 mobilized the first of four responder teams and arrived in Katmandu to assist. We were privileged to have our International Director of Operations, Mike Loesch, assist many Disaster Preparedness Fellows from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with this response. Dr. Rebecca Thomley provided invaluable psychological/social training and support with her team of psychologists. Dean and Lila Tidwell, were the Incident Command Team Leaders and did an outstanding job collaborating with
Dr. Dale Mole, Chief Operating Officer of Scheer Memorial Hospital. GR3 arranged to provide approximately two million dollars of medical supplies along with corollary materials such as a water filtration system which was provided through the assistance of Comlabs Inc. Heritage Academy, a private boarding school in Tennessee, assisted by sending eight well trained first responder young people who were accompanied by their parents, most of whom were medical professionals. Although this was a devastating event, the volunteers and grateful recipients of Nepal worked together to appreciate the outpouring of love and support which everyone experienced. Check out our Nepal video here.

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-03 a las 10.25.28Anna Maria College Training

In May, 2015, GR3 participated in a simulation with local police, fire, and academic institutions. Students from Heritage Academy were present and assisted with the “moulage” makeup for the “victims” during this training. It was very successful and resulted in press coverage stating how grateful the community was for our involvement in this event.

Panama’s Civil Air Defense Training

GR3 Inc. received a penultimate recognition from the Civil Air Defense in Panama approving GR3’s training modules for future training in this great country. This is significant because our training modules were selected over the training modules of other well-known international training organizations.

World Vision

GR3 has continued to enjoy an excellent entrepreneurial relationship with World Vision by providing trainings in various countries in Central and South America. We look forward to expanding our global engagement with the world’s largest NGO in humanitarian endeavors.



PhilippinesCaptura de pantalla 2015-12-03 a las 10.25.36

David and Sherri Canther provided training programs in various locations in the Philippines in September. They enthusiastically collaborated with both government and local communities. The response was extremely positive and they have been invited to provide future trainings.

Within the United States

GR3 continued with a series of trainings in various locations including Atlantic Union College which hosted a training involving eleven academies and numerous EMS and law enforcement agencies. We are thankful for the seemingly eternal energy of David Canther for just completing a Florida wide Youth Leadership program.

GR3 has Opened an Office in Switzerland

We are delighted to announce that GR3 has opened an office in Geneva, Switzerland. We are honored to have Markus Alt as the European Director. Mr. Alt is an experienced humanitarian and has worked in various capacities in Europe and elsewhere. He recently returned from assisting with the expanding refugee crisis on the island of Lesbos. Visit the following link for a brief overview of his recent deployment.

GR3 is Opening an Office in Panama

As this letter arrives, we are in the process of establishing an office in Panama to better serve the needs of the community in Central and South America. We ask for your support and prayers as we move forward with this important expansion project.

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-03 a las 10.25.43GR3’s Website

Our website has undergone an evolutionary process, and is still under construction. Please continue to visit the site ( as we have exciting plans and lots of information to share with you. Special thanks to our intern, Daniela Torres, and our Executive Assistant, Andrew Christiansen for their technical contributions.

Psychosocial Training

GR3 is grateful for the invaluable assistance and support of Dr. Rebecca Thomley, President of Headwaters Relief Inc. Dr. Thomley is a recognized expert in psychological/social training in disaster response. Dr. Thomley has continued to provide support to the training and deployments of GR3. She will be providing an in

From the President’s Desk

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to extend our thanks for the collaboration and support of our many partners this year. We look forward to renewing and forging new relationships in the New Year.

GR3 has had a busy year saving and improving the lives of those affected by disasters and training thousands to be prepared. But we would like to do more! As we come to the end of the 2015, please consider making a donation, either personally or through your company, to support our mission and bring hope to those in need.

Again, a big thank you for your support and encouragement as we work in the emergency disaster space. Please contact us on our website to volunteer, donate or share your comments. You can also become a sponsoring partner by sending support to: GR3 Inc. 600 Citrus Ave. Ft. Pierce, FL 34950

May you enjoy happiness, prosperity and the opportunity to be a blessing to others.



“He who does not live, in some degree, for others, hardly lives for himself.”

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