Thinking Out Loud: Dragons and Snow

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Our European Director of GR3 recently went to the island of Lesbos to assist with the Refugee Crisis. His report is compelling! There are presently millions of Syrians who have fled their country, and millions more within their country who have been displaced. Rubber boats with a capacity of 18-20 passengers regularly arrive on the rocky shores of Lesbos with 50-60 people, all of whom are wet, cold and some do not survive. There has not been a time in history when there has not been turmoil or devastation somewhere. There is always a fire to extinguish. However, as J R R Tolkien in The Hobbit states, “So comes snow after fire and even dragons have their endings”. As rescuers assist in the “hotspots” around the world everyone looks for the dragon to be slain. Until the snow arrives after the fire, we must continue to engage in assisting others less fortunate. As Herman Melville eloquently stated, “A thousand fibers connect us to our fellow men”. Our moral compass guides us to assist others in need. Therefore, let’s continue to find ways to be a blessing to others.

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