About Us

About Us

Who we are

Prepared to assist, built to serve

GR3 is an NGO (non-government organization), which has as its main goal to provide disaster preparedness training, education and related services to domestic and globally interested and affected communities. The basis for its existence is to, serve, and partner with those in need. By committing to this humanitarian endeavor, GR3’s desire is to ultimately improve the quality of life of those in need. GR3, through its educational/training initiatives invests in the potential of those individuals through community development programs such as Safety and Security, Psychological/Chaplaincy, Mass Care, Christian Commitment and Resiliency.

Vision Statement

It is through the fog that we shall see smiling faces

GR3inc is a global organization incorporated in the United States as a rescue and relief agency who has deployed to over 105 global catastrophic events. GR3 places special emphasis on both rescue training and disaster intervention. International organizations such as World Vision, businesses, and civil societies have committed themselves to train their employees and volunteers in basic methods of rescue operations and emergency management preparedness, so that they can become a vital force in disaster and emergency interventions. By becoming a GR3 certified individual and/or organization, they will be recognized as having the skills and competencies of being a professional entity in emergency response interventions.

GR3 strives to achieve excellence for its’ 350,000-plus volunteers, employees, programs, and mission by being a force multiplier utilizing the “Train-the-Trainer” philosophy. This is accomplished by a strong collaboration of partners such as BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine (a Harvard-affiliated world-renowned fellowship in Emergency Medicine and Management), LA County Sheriff’s Search And Rescue, U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), AirLink, Orlando International Airport, Ecuador Police and Air Force, Chile Search and Rescue, Headwaters Relief Organization, INSARAG and NVOAD.

For many disadvantaged and vulnerable around the world, the increase of natural and man-made catastrophic events trigger a repeating cycle of widespread devastation, chronic poverty, and debilitating living conditions. GR3 seeks to break this tragic cycle with a knowledge-based empowerment strategy, designed to educate, train, and certify local communities in first response skills, disaster preparedness, and long-term resilience techniques. Using both onsite and online learning methodologies, GR3 acts as a force multiplier of local community leaders. This will be accomplished by focusing on five objectives:

  • Force Multiplier Training
  • Disaster Preparation and Response
  • Assist with improving the condition of vulnerable populations
  • Employ food security and empowerment technology
  • Provide basic medical services to vulnerable populations

Mission Statement

Helping others is not an option- no one is an island

GR3’s distinguishing mark as disaster response agency is a focus on training, certifying and mobilizing an army of volunteers for immediate response and resilience assistance in global disasters. Its’ distinguishing operational capacity is an ability to coordinate with partnering organizations—major universities, development and relief agencies, and government institutions—in collaborative, capacity expanding relief and resilience efforts. Thousands of individuals world-wide will receive accessible, low cost education/training opportunities through GR3 University, which, in turn ,will empower them to facilitate changes and improvements in their local communities. Ultimately, we endeavor to put a premium on creating a culture of disaster relief and prevention leadership.

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