GR3 in the Bahamas

GR3 in Bahamas

Friday, September 13th 8:00 am
The GR3 Team arrived in Freeport yesterday with medical supplies. They had to stay in a hotel overnight which had no electricity or running water.
Freeport experienced a tidal surge and a lot of this area was flooded. Flooding has been a long term challenge. Therefore, any residents have left both Freeport and Abaco and gone to Nassau. Many roofs were damaged/destroyed and significant damage to personal property. There are still many people who have been unaccounted and the death toll is expected to climb. Dr. Everhardt and David Canther went to the Rand Memorial Hospital. The personnel were very happy for the assistance. The greatest need at this time appears to be the psychological/spiritual care. Thousands of people have been traumatized by this devastating storm. They have lost their property, pets, loved ones, everything! They need someone to talk to and direction about moving forward. The medical team is meeting today with various groups to assess the specific needs

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