Notes from the Field: Playa Blanco

Dr. Eric Fox - Playa Blanco

Notes from the Field
Dr. Eric Fox

Playa Blanco is a small island just off the coast of Cartagena. It is accessible by boat or bus. As the boats were not available we too the “bus” which was actually a shuttle van for 12 packed with 15 people the 45 minute trip without air conditioning. However the trip proved well worth it. The beach packed with umbrellas and chairs and Caribbean sellers and hucksters led to a delightful ocean of 80 degrees. While there I watched two boys and their parents. The boys played in the water for 4 hours straight while their parents, up aways on the beach, were on their cellphones nonstop. In fact a nice couple, previously strangers to the boys, took them on a water ride. When the boys, tired from their play, came in for the day, their parents shed their outerwear and played in the ocean, just the two of them, for 30 minutes.

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