Notes from the Field
Dr. Eric Fox
Panama City, Panama

Flying into Panama City from San Salvador I viewed the magnificent skyline rivaling Seoul Los Angeles and even in places New York. Driving to the Old City for dinner we pass ritzy shopping malls selling Chanel, Dior, Luis Vuittone and other labels I cannot afford. It becomes easy to forget that the majority of people live in abject poverty. The typical worker’s wage is $300 per month. The minimum rent for an apartment in the city is $1500 per month so, like other big cities most people live in the outskirts. Getting an hour out of the city you can find rent for $300 per month eating up your entire salary leaving little to no money for food, transportation, utilities etc. And once again I thank my lucky stars for being born at the time and place that I was. Waiting at the airport I will be in Colombia soon.

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