Notes from the Field Dr. Eric Fox, MD Santa Ana, El Salvador

Notes from the Field
Dr. Eric Fox, MD
Santa Ana, El Salvador

Arrived in San Salvador. Red eye flight without sleep but surprisingly awake. Wandering around the mall in San Salvador. $79 for a cubavera shirt I wouldn’t pay more than $25 for back home.  $1200 for a couch that would cost us perhaps $400. This in the context of workers making $2 per hour teachers $400 per month doctors $600 per month.
60% – yes 60 – of the economy is dependent upon relatives from America (legal and “illegal”) sending money home. Obviously if that abruptly ceased the entire economy here would fall apart.

Traveling to third world countries gives us from America a fresh and very different perspective. For those of you who can’t or won’t visit, consider taking a trip to your closest inner city. It can dramatically alter ones perspective. And that is a good thing.

July 23, 2018
Torrential rains last night and bright and beautiful this morning. Yesterday I commented briefly on the incredible poverty of this country. Despite this (or due to?) the Salvadoran people are some of the most wonderful kind and friendly people I have ever met. It is what keeps me coming back. A wonderful thing about ministering to the health needs of people is that I get to see a personal intimate portrait that I would never experience as a tourist. In a couple hours I leave for Bogota via Panama City. I am eager to meet the Colombians.

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