Happy Thanksgiving from GR3 International

Dear Supporters of GR3 International:

As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to take a moment to reflect on the concept of gratitude-gratitude for our Team of volunteers and our partners who are standing side-by-side with GR3 International.

Thank you for supporting us and assisting us with our disaster response and recovery efforts. This embraces the core of gratitude- giving back to others in less fortunate circumstances. I realize we’ve all had to dig a little deeper to find our strength in these challenging times as a result of the increasing number of disasters occurring worldwide. But I realize that people are extremely resilient and have noticed a tremendous outpouring of support from many sectors. It is up to us to continue to provide whatever support and assistance we can to help others in need.

This Thanksgiving, I am challenging myself to bring the values of gratitude, giving and sharing to the dinner table. I am making it my goal to learn more about how my friends and family can become engaged in disaster response and developing a more acute sense of gratitude.

This will be my Thanksgiving of listening. I invite you to join me.  Read more about this in our annual Thanksgiving blog post on our website (www.grinternational.org) “Gratitude- Grace and Gratefulness”. Go out there and make a difference!

Happy Thanksgiving!



President GR3 International

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